FoamStone Stone, with a lightweight core ®
custom mouldings any shape in 4 weeks

Are you still using cast stone?

Benefits of FoamStone®

  • Strong, robust, lightweight and flexible. FoamStone® mouldings are BBA tested and proven in all climates as an alternative to cast stone.
  • Installed at the end of construction avoiding the usual site damage to cast stone. 2.4m lengths (fewer joints) available in any shape; custom mouldings no extra. Easy to install, delivered in 4/6 weeks.

All stonework on this building is FoamStone®


The image below shows a property with and without FoamStone® installed.

Please use the arrows to view a comparison between the images.

Call: 01483 232 227 FoamStone® Stone, with a lightweight core ® custom mouldings any shape in 4 weeks. Copings, Sills, Window & Door Heads, Cornices, Quoins, Keystones, Bandings & Columns.
SYTEX FoamStone® manufactures architectural FoamStone® mouldings in the UK and is proven in all extremes of environmental conditions. Using the latest computerised technology, SYTEX cuts high density EPS and coats it with a unique, flexible and impact resistant SYTEX finish, creating the look and touch of stone, at a fraction of the weight and cost.

The modern replacement for cast stone. FoamStone®, the look and touch of cast stone.

We utilise cutting edge technology to take your creative ideas and bring them to life. Simply provide us with a point of reference such as the architectural diagram. Our experienced team will bring your design to fruition.

SYTEX engineered products consume less of our precious resources.
They save vast amounts of energy to transport and handle.
SYTEX has brought FoamStone® into the 21st Century. Now let SYTEX FoamStone products bring your next building project there as well.

The world of construction has changed.