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Benefits of SYTEX FoamStone®

SYTEX FoamStone adds value to your property’s appearance and saves you time and money over stone:

  • FormStone: Looks and feels like STONE.
  • Transforms: Stone detail simply installed ANYWHERE* during or after construction.
  • Smooth: Smooth intricate detailed finishes only possible with SYTEX.
  • Durable: STRONG stone-like coating won’t shrink, crack or warp.
  • Installation: No specialist skills or tools required.
  • Simple: 2400mm sections easily cut and mitred on site.
  • Manufacturing: Fast production within 4 weeks from our UK factory.
  • Design: Custom shapes and sizes at no extra cost.
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle. Install where regular stone is impossible.
  • Flexible: Contours to buildings.
  • Environment: Saves precious mineral recourses. Low Carbon Impact.
  • Savings: Savings at every stage.
  • Impact resistant: Flexible coating cushions impact.

SYTEX FoamStone® is manufactured in the UK. Proven in all extremes of environmental conditions, SYTEX FoamStone® has stood the test of time.

This traditionally designed project installed FoamStone® towards the end of construction.

This development shows how adding FoamStone® sills transforms the project and demonstrates how SYTEX FoamStone® creates the look of architectural stone and cast stone.

Arched heads surrounds quoins sills, cornice and portico demonstrates just how adaptable FoamStone® can be in adding value to your project.

Benefits To You

SYTEX FoamStone® eliminates many expensive transport, labour, lifting and handling equipment costs as well as schedule interruptions from your building programme. It is quick and easy to fit and the savings multiply at every stage.

Feature exterior cornice, banding and trims, build outs and brackets are just some of the choices available all with the look and touch of stone: SYTEX FoamStone®.

“If you can draw it, SYTEX can make it,
quickly and economically.”