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SYTEX FoamStone® - a durable Cast Stone.

What is SYTEX FoamStone®?

SYTEX FoamStone® is a light, durable and cost effective Cast Stone which replicates natural stone at a fraction of the weight and therefore cost.


What does SYTEX Cast Stone offer?

Our Cast Stone provides an authentic stone effect finish incorporating fine and beautiful detail. FoamStone® architectural mouldings are lighter than traditional alternatives, are impact resistant with superior water and stain resistance and offer significant construction savings.


What are the advantages of SYTEX Cast Stone?

SYTEX Cast Stone delivers fine, guaranteed and superior architectural detail of the highest quality with lower overall construction costs than traditional alternatives.

Our Cast Stone products are made of a high density EPS core finished with a stone coating.
FoamStone® is cut using the latest computerised technology. SYTEX’s cast stone coating is unique, flexible and impact resistant.

That is the difference between ‘foam stone’ + ‘FoamStone®‘ – not all foam and cast stones are the same!

FoamStone® is suitable for any non structural foam stone architectural detail, including foam stone window surrounds, foam stone headers and sills, foam stone exterior banding and cornice, foam stone arches and columns, and foam stone panels.

FoamStone® can easily be applied, either during or after construction, using your existing labour requiring basic carpentry skills, creating a superior appearance whilst saving time and money.

Cast Stone, with a lightweight core – custom mouldings any shape in 4 weeks