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SYTEX FoamStone is Eco-Friendly and kind to the environment as well.

Being only a fraction of the weight of conventional materials it requires less energy to transport and install.

The SYTEX finish also consumes a fraction of the natural resources associated with conventional materials.

The high density EPS at the core of SYTEX FoamStone does not contain CFC’s, HFC’s of fibre.

It has an extremely low GWP (Global Warming Potential) which for the purposes of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and the CODE (Code for Sustainable Home Building Practice) a GWP of less than 5 should be used.

  • Our EPS has been given an A+ rating (the highest obtainable) by the BRE ‘Green Guide’ to housing specification.
  • It is self extinguishing and is not noxious.
  • Waste from manufacture is recycled into flooring insulation panels further improving SYTEX’s green credentials.

The United Kingdom once led the world with stunning architecture, demonstrating the wealth and sophistication of the nation as well as the technical skills of our artisans. SYTEX FoamStone® allows you the freedom to design and put architectural stone design detail back into our buildings and resume our rightful place at the heart of architectural excellence.

SYTEX engineered products consume less of our precious resources.
They save vast amounts of energy to transport and handle.
SYTEX has brought FoamStone® into the 21st Century. Now let SYTEX FoamStone products bring your next building project there as well.

The world of construction has changed.