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SYTEX FoamStone® For National Housebuilders

Specified for many years by leading National Housebuilders, SYTEX FoamStone® is manufactured in the UK. Proven in all extremes of environmental conditions, SYTEX has stood the test of time. SYTEX FoamStone® has been adding stunning architectural features to large scale housebuilding developments throughout the UK for many years.

Largescale developments around the UK are now benefiting from SYTEX’s unique ability to create custom profiles, at affordable prices. Huge savings are achieved from the usual site damage associated with cast stone as FoamStone® can be installed during or after construction. FoamStone® can be cut and mitred onsite using a conventional hand saw, and it’s easy to install using basic carpentry labour and tools. Its light weight makes handling a dream and installation can be carried out by carpenters using basic carpentry skills to produce amazing transformations to other wise plain buildings and housing developments.

The result is a high value appearance previously only available on select properties at huge cost.


Copings, window surrounds, window sills, door heads, window heads cornice and banding, quoins and columns are just some of the choices available all with the look and touch of stone: SYTEX FoamStone®.

This Hampshire project highlights the many SYTEX FoamStone® mouldings and shows how lightweight FoamStone® gives the appearance of cast stone.

Benefits To You

SYTEX FoamStone® eliminates many expensive transport, labour, lifting and handling equipment costs as well as schedule interruptions from your building programme. It is quick and easy to fit and the savings multiply at every stage.

Feature exterior cornice, banding and trims, build outs and brackets are just some of the choices available all with the look and touch of stone: SYTEX FoamStone®.

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